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  Alicia Alfaro 

Events & Titles

1992: Argentine Champion (Rosario-Santa Fé)

1995: Ibero-American Champion, Middleweight (Cochabamba-Bolivia)

1995: Ibero-American Champion, Mixed Pairs (Cochabamba-Bolivia)

1995: Ibero-American Champion, Overall Ladies (Cochabamba-Bolivia)

1996: IFBB Profesional Bodybuilder (Asunción-Paraguay)

1997: Jan Tana Classic PRO Contender (Charlotte-North Caroline-USA)

1998: Jan Tana Classic PRO Contender (Charlotte-North Caroline-USA)

Ibero American 1995

flexing during routine, to clinch the Middleweight titleOverall with Monica Martin and Claudia Magni, she beat them both! and became Overall ChampionWinning the pairs title with compatriot Fabian DessiAlicia & Fabian, the champions pose


First Win: Argentine Championships in Rosario
one week before the Argentine Championship
Ibero 95
Today, as Personal Trainer

Professional Era

Backstage at the Jan Tana 97Preselection - Jan Tana 98Onstage at the JanTana 98


wiith Denise Masinowith the other Latin contenders at the Jan Tana 98, L-R: Amelia Hernandez, Yaxeni Oriquen and Martha Sanchezwith two friendswith 'Mistress Blaster' Jan Tanacon Monica Brant


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