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Claudia Magni

Claudia Magni is an Argentinean body builder, South American Champion, and one of the most 

massively developed musculatures in the world, endowed with a phenomenal strength.

Check out her Colossal stats:

Height: 5`4" 164 cm
Weight: 195 Ibs 88 kg
Neck: 17" 43 cm
Chest: 47" 119 cm
Biceps: 17" 43 cm
Thighs: 27" 69 cm
Calves: 18" 45 cm

Claudia is a newcomer to amateur wrestling, but her

strength is so immense that few men can match it.

Check out her Powerful lifts:

Dumbbell Curls: 70" 30 kg
Bench press: 310" 140 kg
Squat: 400" 180 kg
Dead lift: 380" 170 kg

Claudia is available for competitive, semi-competitive,

fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, lifting and carrying,

semicompetitive boxing, photographic sessions, special exhibitions as well as posing.

Claudia is living in Madrid, Spain, but travels extensively.

Claudia's Gallery

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