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Hi, after a long hibernation SouthPump is back, you are lucky enough to access this page since Geocities is freaking out, I'm in the process of moving this site into a better server, SouthPump.150m.com will be the new site, so I'm making the proper modifications, it will be up withing the next two weeks, and I'll be adding new stuff, like pictures, links and the girls's e-mail addresses. If you got any question please let me know. Thanks.


Sorry, your browser support Java applets, try updating it Hola, welcome to our website, here you will find some of the most beautiful and muscular IberoAmerican women, we decided to create a space for all the women who work their bodies to develope nice, huge and powerful muscles ready to smash both, the weights and the pre-concepts of society.

We've got some info and pictures of some of the top female bodybuilders and fitness girls from the continent, but we'd like to know more about lesser known women who compete at amateur levels; also about events and national organizations. We've discovered an incredible number of female bodybuilding sites on the Web, but few info about the bodybuilding move right down here in Latin America. The pictures in this website are largely from U.S. and European sites. So if anyone of you have South or Ibero American female bodybuilding, fitness or similar sports material, please contact us by email. Any contribution or exchange, even about non South American bodybuilders to this page is always welcome =).

If you were a South American (or from any other place of this planet) female bodybuilder, fitness woman, or strenght athlete, just mail us, and we will do our best to open a nice cool place for you in this site.

Featured Ladies

soli.gif (1111 bytes) Monica Martin

 soli.gif (1111 bytes) Yaxeni Oriquen

soli.gif (1111 bytes) Angela Debatin

 soli.gif (1111 bytes) Maria Calo

soli.gif (1111 bytes)  Claudia Magni

 soli.gif (1111 bytes) Luciana  Mendonca

soli.gif (1111 bytes) Alicia Alfaro

soli.gif (1111 bytes) Sandra Benzaquen

soli.gif (1111 bytes) SuthPump Girls
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