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the Miami Muscle Machine
New pictures of the Venezuelan Phenom

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from her early days in bodybuilding...

flexing incredible muscles showing really big guns
...into these day's massive gal


Training with Yaxeni

Yaxeni Oriquen is proud of her muscles, she loves to turn heads and generate reactions -positive or negative- regarding her impressive muscular development, but she also knows that not the majority of women wish to look like she does. Weighting over 80 kilograms (180 lbs.), just a small percentage of them is fat, and with 43 cms. biceps, the Venezolan amazon is the highest ranked hispanic in the world of female bodybuilding.

signing authographs for her fans video capture in Sabado Gigante, U.S. hispanic tv show

Nevertheless, the also physical trainer from Miami declares that a growing number of women—"much more than before"—are moving into the weights room as a way to improve their look and health. There is yet too much fear between the ladies, she says, some think that just touching the weights biceps like Popeye's will automatically pop up. But the athlete explains that building muscle is by far harder than most people think, and the sport of bodybuilding "is too sacrificed", to the extreme that "you have to isolate from the world, from the normal people and your mind has to be supremely concentrated and focused"

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 She's built her spectacular body thanks to a lot of effort during more than a decade of hardcore training with heavy weights, a strick diet plan and a unbreakable will to not yield to ever-present temptations like fat-charged food.

Her clients, specially women are not quite interested in being as huge as her, but they want to get harder "with separation between their biceps and triceps, and more solid, stronger, better shaped legs". And many fitness authorities agree that lifting weights is one of the most efective ways to lose weight, harden the body and gain muscle definition.

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Oriquen states that women who are looking for a leaner (more feminine , sic.) appearance, should train with moderated weights and do more repetitions than men. Every set, must consist of 15 to 25 reps. She adds that women should rest less time than men between sets—around 30 seconds—and also perform aerobics and cardiovascular exercises to their training regime.


@ the Jan Tana 1994


Wondeful shape! yaxena.jpg (43349 bytes) yaxe.jpg (36100 bytes)
and Backstage

Pumping engines before contest: Yaxeni does upright rows to fill those delts with blood 2 beautiful babes: Yaxeni Oriquen + Michelle Andrea Yaxeni with Kenny Kassel, Bob Kennedy and her companion


Jan Tana 2000

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Miss Olympia 2000

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Prejudging with Iris Kyle, Denise Hoshor and Th-resa Bostick

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@ Muscle Beach

(((sexier than ever)))

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This 4 Clips of Yaxeni are picked from Muscle Goddesses, Danke Andy!


Yaxeni Oriquen (2.9 MB)  Yaxeni Oriquen (2.6 MB)


Yaxeni Oriquen (2.3 MB)  Yaxeni Oriquen (2.7 MB)


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