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Monica Martin

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

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would you hire this bodyguard?

 Redefining Womanhood 
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Everywhere she goes through, she provoques reactions. Sometimes amaze, admiration and even desire, but the raw thruth, is that there are also people  who says: "So ugly" "Exaggerated" "She looks like man" (sic).  But Monica Martin doesn't wimp: "That's all pre-concepts. People get shocked with anything that is new and unknown to them", explain this bodybuilder.

  "In addition, this discrimination comes on hand with mankind's history, even in Ancient Greece women were forbidden from participating in the Olympic Games" she adds. But Monica goes beyond "The own women have a great fault portion. They use the excuse of the lack of time to try to explain the laziness of following a training routine of and a diet based in quality foods" 

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"People gets shocked with anything that is new"
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Mônica Martins has a colection of several Bodybuilding titles, like the Brazilian, South American, Ibero American and the 4th Place in the World Championships in Italy. She has posed for the best magazines specialized in this sport, like Flex and Muscle & Fitness.
This athlete states that one of her main goals is to promote her sport, to finish all the misinformation that exists regarding to this athletic discipline. "We want to dismythify that relation of Bodybuilding with the use of anabolic drugs" she says.

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Mônica confess us that she has never used any of these kind of substances. "They bring more damages than benefits. I think about my future. Who abuses with steroids are totally disinformed people". She prefers to rely on hard training, almost militar discipline and a balanced nutrition to build great muscles.

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She  tells us that the impressive muscular development of her body was adquired after 10 years of heavy training with a rigorous food diet. "I eat five meals daily, based on carbo hydrates and proteines and I used tons of vitaminic suplements, all without fat and without sugar"

Unlike what many people would think, she doesn't spend all day lifting weights, "I train no more than two hours by day. But my training sessions are explosive, quick and intense" just like her. Excess of training may harm the athlete, stressing and even injuring the muscles and tendons. Monica admits she had injures while training. "But that risk is the price the athlete pays in her quest for the title. It's her disposition to overcome her own limits what separates a champion from the average athlete"

It's Evolution Baby
watch her phenomenal transformation!

Monica before bodybuilding, you can see that she already had a nice athletic body Fitness Monica In one of her first competitions - 1994 1996 1998

Monica in the Press
these are scans extracted from magazine articles
new female James Bond? (Muscle & Fitness, Spanish Edition)
Flex Magazine Flex Magazine report2.jpg (65714 bytes) one fine ass (Flex Magazine)

Fans & Friends
with Denise Masino with Arnold Schwarzenegger nice contrast she is the kids favorite who is this beautiful babe???

Dreamy Superheroine
who wants to be her Batman?

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